Eye Floaters Treatment – Eliminate Eye Floaters With a Simple and Easy Solution

Mar 29, 2023 | Dr Burd Wonder Spray News

Learn eye floaters treatment in simple and natural ways. End your frustration of spider webs, clouds or fogs, moving dots or squiggly lines that move around and float around in the field of your vision. Follow these amazing tips to help eliminate those annoying eye floaters.

Eye floaters can be very irritating and annoying, but there are no safe and proven methods to get rid of the symptoms caused by vitreous syneresis or posterior vitreous detachment. Not to worry because there are simple and natural ways to clear your vision effectively.

What is eye floater?

Eye floaters are deposits or condensation in the vitreous jelly of the eye. An eye floater can appear as floating spots, or black dot that will move around when you move your eyes.

As you get older, a substance known as vitreous, that is similar to jelly in texture, starts to become more like a liquid. In this case, fibers within the vitreous glue together then float continuously around in the vitreous cavity. Your will see these as floaters, shadowing the retina. Diabetic retinopathy, eye trauma, complications from cataract surgery and nearsightedness may further increase risk.

Below are eye floaters treatment that will help to clear your vision

Step 1

Warm your hands by rubbing them together, then lightly press your palms against your eyes for about 10 seconds. Repeat this process about 5 times. Do this everyday to gradually eliminate floaters in the eye.

Step 2

Tilt your head so you face the ceiling. Look ahead and roll your eyes around in a circular clockwise motion, then change to counter clockwise motion. Repeat this exercise ten times in each direction.

Step 3

Hold a pencil in front of your face at arm length. Look at the pencil, and then slowly move it towards you until it is about 6 inches away from your eyes. Continue to focus at the object. Do this relaxing massage 10 times daily to reduce floaters in the eye.

Step 4

Slowly massage your temples with your thumbs knuckles with circular motion, forward and backward. Do this 20 times in each direction. Very gently do the same thing on your forehead between the eyebrows and on each side of the bridge of your nose.

Source by Elizabeth Moller

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