What Are the Causes, Symptoms and Prevention of Eye Flu?

Mar 26, 2023 | Dr Burd Wonder Spray News

In eye flue, the conjunctiva gets inflamed and the eyes get suffered from redness, pain, itching, gluey discharge and burning by mean of blood vessels. Another name of this disorder is pink eye or conjunctivitis. Now we will discuss the causes, symptoms and treatment of eye flu in the following ways.



This type of illness caused due to transfer of virus into the eyes by blowing of nose and eye-rubbing. The virus of the common cold and eye flue is the same and it is communicable.


A large variety of bacteria are the cause of this type of illness. This sickness caused due to bacteria is communicable. It can be cured by using liniment or eye-drop.


Eye flue can be caused due to allergy with animals or dust particles and this illness which is caused due to allergy is not communicable. If the eyes of the individual get exposed to the grasses and plant pollen, then he or she is much more prone to this type of sickness.


This sickness which is caused due to chemicals is not communicable. Chlorine from swimming pools, contact lens solution, cosmetics, foreign objects, eye injury, concentrated light, smoking and diseases (like cancer, tuberculosis, gout and thyroid etc.) are responsible for it.



When the eyes get burnt along with irritating and gritty feeling then it is the representation of eye flue.


If pus discharges from the eyes of the individual, then he or she comes across with this disease.


When the eyes of the individual have become red and loses water, then it is the symptom of this disease.

Light Sensitive

When we come across with the light then our eyes suffered from a typical irritation then it is the sign of this malady.


Avoid Rubbing

At the time of itching and irritation we should not rub our eyes with our hands as they get prone to infection. To provide relief to eyes, we should wash them with clean water and should apply eye-drops to them.

Avoid dirt

We should keep our eyes in clean and hygienic environment. We should avoid dust particles or dirt to be entered in our eyes. Contact lens should be cleaned properly before using them.


After washing eyes with water we should remove the water from eyes by using our own and clean towel. This towel should be changed time to time.

Avoid Stress

One of the methods of protecting our eyes is to avoid stress and this stress can be removed by massage, yoga and meditation etc.

Avoid contact of eyes with light of high frequency and computer screen

We should not expose our eyes to the light of high frequency and should take a rest in a timely manner while working on a computer screen. We should read the book by using proper amount of light.


We should have a balanced diet which is rich in Vitamin-A, B and C. Alcohol and tobacco smoking should not be a part of our diet.

Source by Amit Saraswat

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