NVQ Level 2 Beauty – How to Pass Your Exams

Mar 26, 2023 | Dr Burd Wonder Spray News

In order to qualify for NVQ Level 2 Beauty you must have successfully passed the NVQ Level 1.

The Beauty Therapy Level 2 course takes between 1 – 2 years to complete and can be divided into the following modules:

Skin Care & Facial Massage

Manicure & Pedicure

Hair Removal Methods i.e. Waxing

Eye Treatments

Make Up Techniques

Health & Safety

IT & Communication

Exam success in NVQ Level 2 Beauty can come easily once you have a well balanced, structured revision plan. Using multiple choice questions is the most effective way to learn the beauty modules.

With these type of questions you get one question with four answers. Only one answer must be chosen. This is ideal when studying because you must know the answer, you cannot guess it, there is no room for error.

Some examples are as follows:

01. A light beige foundation with warm tones of pink or peach would be suitable for which skin colour?

a) Fair – Answer

b) Olive

c) Sallow

d) Light brown

02. The surface layer of the epidermis is known as;

a) Stratum lucidum

b) Stratum corneum – Answer

c) Stratum spinosum

d) Stratum germinativum

03. Koilonychia describes;

a) Claw nails

b) Nail separation from the nail bed

c) A flat or concave nail plate – Answer

d) Split or brittle nails

04. Why should waxing not take place on a client with diabetes?

a) Due to loss of skin sensitivity – Answer

b) Greater skin sensitivity

c) Risk of varicose veins appearing

d) Greater risk of ingrowing hairs

Using multiple choice questions on a consistent basis will improve your grades and help you to pass your exams with ease.

Source by Katie Tierney

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