Now You Can Know What Causes Dark Circles Under Your Eyes

Mar 26, 2023 | Dr Burd Wonder Spray News

Here’s a look at what causes dark circles under your eyes. Identifying the cause can help you figure out a solution to the problem.

As you read through these different factors, you may seem some that do not apply. Feel free to skip over the inapplicable sections. Near the end of the article, you will read about treatments that work to address the problem in the majority of cases.

Nutritional Deficiency

Anemia is just one example of a nutritional deficiency that can cause the skin to become pale.

As paleness increases, the blood vessels beneath the skin become more visible. The skin’s thickness varies throughout the body from.5mm to 2mm, but the thinnest portion is just below and around the eye.

The thinner the skin, the more visible the blood vessels underneath will be. Women may experience paleness during pregnancy or menstruation.

The underlying problem is still a lack of the mineral iron in the diet. The paleness is actually a symptom of lack of oxygen circulating to the tissues.

Oxygen-rich tissues are pink or red. Oxygen depleted tissues are closer to white.

A lack of any essential nutrient could be what causes dark circles under your eyes. So, first check your diet.


Some food allergies can cause the area to have a shadowy appearance. But, primarily it is allergies that cause eye irritation.

Examples include hay fever and other seasonal allergies, dust, cat hair, dog dander and anything that can cause the eye to itch or water. Obviously, rubbing or scratching can make the problem worse.


Prescription or non-prescription medication could be what causes dark circles under your eyes.

Anything that dilates the blood vessels can make them more visible. Examples of vasodilators include adenosine, prostacylcin, Viagra and nitric oxide.

Compounds naturally present within the body can also act as vasodilators. Examples include nor-adrenaline, histamine and prostaglandins.

Prostaglandins are typically secreted as part of the body’s inflammatory response. Histamine is released during allergic reactions.

Adrenaline can be secreted for many reasons, but its effects are usually short-lived.

Some nutrients can also dilate the blood vessels. In most cases, this is a good thing, because it reduces the risk of clotting and obstruction.

But, excessive intake of niacin, l-arginine or theobromine could be a problem.


Your lifestyle could be what causes dark circles under your eyes. Working the nightshift, staying up late for fun, chronic lack of sleep, drinking too much alcohol, smoking cigarettes or not drinking enough water are examples of lifestyle factors that could be involved.

The Solution

If you read through the lifestyle factors, you might have thought about Hollywood movie stars and other celebrities.

The solution to bags and dark circles was originally developed for celebrities and was their secret for a long time.

Now, anyone can use the celebrity solution which has proven to be effective in numerous clinical studies.

Once you know what causes dark circles under your eyes, you might see things that you can do to correct the problem.

If not, you can always buy an eye gel containing EYELISS and HALOXYL. That’s what the celebrities use.

Source by Gordon P Hall

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