Eye Infections and Colloidal Gold

Mar 25, 2023 | Dr Burd Wonder Spray News

Almost every suffers from eye infection at least once in his life span. Though most eye infections are not serious nature, it could create serious complications like blindness, if left untreated. Generally, eye infections are results of bacterial or viral effects. However, in certain cases, injury to eye or region around eye could lead to eye infection.

Based on the nature of infection and root cause behind eye infection eye infections can be classified in different categories. Some of the common forms of eye infections include Conjunctivitis also commonly known as pink eye, Blepharitis, Corneal Ulcer, Stye, Cellulitis and Trachoma. Some forms of the eye infections are common and some are found rarely.

Eye infections can affect any part of the eye including eye lids, optic nerves and cornea. Though eye infections are considerably less serious prolonged existence of such eye infections may result in serious health conditions like loss of sight. If you suspect any symptoms resembling to symptoms of eye infections it is better to consult an ophthalmologist and get it treated.

Each individual may experience varying symptoms of eye infections. The most common sings and symptoms of eye infection include Chronic redness of eyes, frequent eye lid flanking, itching, blurring vision, discomfort of eyes, watery eyes, pain in eyes, eye discharge, swollen eyelids and swollen eye surrounding tissues. If you experience any one or group of above symptoms you must consult the doctor for immediate treatment.

Generally, eye drops (containing anti-inflammatory and analgesics) are prescribed for treating eye infections. Proper personal hygiene can provide you protection against eye infections. If you are using contact lenses, ensure that you get your lenses disinfected at regular intervals. Constant wearing of contact lenses can provide good environment for breeding of microorganisms responsible for eye infections. Using liquid life supplements like colloidal gold may help you in prevention of eye infection and boost the recovery procedure. Colloidal gold and other natural supplements help in maintaining hormonal balances and enhancing body immune system. Colloidal are also known for their property of killing bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms which can cause infections. Colloidal gold contents natural gold particles (no chemicals added), does not produce any side effects and hence is safe for use as preventive against infectious diseases. However, colloidal gold is not a treatment for any disease including eye infections.

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