Eye Arthritis – Can It Be Prevented?

Mar 29, 2023 | Dr Burd Wonder Spray News

The condition termed as arthritis of the eyes is known as Uvetis. Uvetis can be caused by a lot of factors, although the most definite one that triggers a particular attack is hard to pinpoint. It is believed that the eyes have a lot in common with joints and the knees, as these body parts are self-contained. By being self-contained, it means that these body parts have definite boundaries that create cavities that are filled with fluids, spaces, and connective tissues.

Most cases of eye arthritis have a lot to do with poor diet. Studies also show that smoking may trigger this disease as well. But links with other health conditions such as headaches, infections, and injuries are associated with it too. If a person has a weak immune system, it is also possible that it could have been the point of origin of their eye arthritis.

To prevent eye arthritis, the following steps can be performed:

Undergo eye exams. Every time you feel that there’s something wrong with your eyes, such as if you feel that your eyes are painful, you should go to the doctor and have them checked. Headaches are also a sign of eye arthritis. Therefore whenever your episodes of headache are becoming frequent, don’t waste time and consult with a health expert right away.

Take medications at the onset of symptoms. One of the common symptoms of eye arthritis would be dry eyes. For such cases, apply topical eye drops to relieve the pain. But before doing so, make sure that the medicine you are using is prescribed by your doctor. The most effective eye drops in the market today are the ones that contain betamethosone, prednisolone, and dexamethasone. Never self-medicate. It is mandatory that you determine what type of eye medication is best for your health problem. That’s the only effective way to treat the disease.

Avoid using contact lenses. Those who are suffering from eye arthritis should make sure that they never use contact lenses at all. Contact lenses are known to make the eyes dry out to some degree. If contact lenses are used all the time, then the possibility of triggering eye arthritis will increase.

Use sunglasses to protect the eyes. The use of the right type of sunglasses is going to be beneficial to eye arthritis patients. When the correct type of sunglasses are worn, the eyes won’t be subjected to conditions that could set off eye arthritis. There are sunglasses that can protect the eyes. But there are also sunglasses that can be harmful because they do not use the right type of materials. If you have eye arthritis, be sure to invest on a good pair of sunglasses.

Take oral medications. There are times that oral medications are required to address the pain caused by eye arthritis. Sometimes, the pain becomes too unbearable that oral anti-inflammatory drugs need to be prescribed. For these cases, tell your doctor that mere eye drops are not sufficient to make the pain go away. Ask him to give you oral medications to supplement the effects of the eye drops.

Surgery. Should your case of eye arthritis be on the advanced level, try to consider surgery, especially if your doctor had already suggested it. Surgery has its pros and cons. Make sure that you weigh them first and take them into consideration when you make your decision. Also, ask your doctor to explain to you the entire process and all the possible effects when you choose to undergo it. This way, you will know what to expect after the procedure.

These are the different ways to prevent, and possibly cure, eye arthritis. Eye arthritis is a medical condition that should not be ignored. The moment you know that you have it, take immediate action so that you can avoid the pains associated with it.

Source by Flor Serquina

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