Phosphosiderite – A Rare Gemstone – Its Characteristics and Properties

Mar 27, 2023 | Dr Burd Wonder Spray News

Phosphosiderite is a fascinating gemstone as it is made from a combination of iron and phosphorus. The stone looks akin to Sugilite. The name “Phosphosiderite” has been derived from its basic elements phosphorus and iron. The word iron however has been borrowed from the Greek language, which is “Sideros”, hence forming “phosphor-siderite”. Besides Phosphosiderite, the stone is also popularly known as “Piedrea voga” which means pink stone or “La Roca Voca” meaning pink rock in many countries.

Color Variations

This gemstone is widely available in light purple orchid like color. Yellow color streaks are usually apparent in this stone. The vein like streaks in the stone is known as cacoxenite. Other shades of the stone that are rare and precious are rose-red, brownish-reddish yellow, moss-green, deeper hues of purple and the most astounding is colorless Phosphosiderite. The stone has a natural resinous or vitreous luster to it giving the crystals slight amount of sheen.


Phosphosiderite is a rare gem and is found particularly in Argentina and Chile. Besides these countries, the gemstones in reddish-brown color are generally found attached to jet-black color barbosalite. These types of color stones are found in South Dakota, USA, Bull Moose mine and Custer County. Phosphosiderite that is available in hues of purple is mainly found attached to bluish purple botryoidal, dark violet tinsleyite botryoidal or a large rockbridgeite.

Stones that are found in botryoidal form are apt for making Phosphosiderite cabochons. Geologically the stone is supposed to be a variation result of the mineral triphyilte that is found in multifarious granite pegmatite. A research suggests that Phosphosiderite could also be a result of abstract components that are present in the soil.


This stone is perfect for jewelry making. It weighs about 3.5 to 4 on the Mohs scale of hardness. Although it is perfect for jewelry making, it has to be treated with paraffin and polished with some other materials to provide it better stability and shine. The stone has about 2/m prism and its diaphaneity is mostly translucent. Some Phosphosiderite stones may have opaque diaphaneity. It is procured in large quantities of massive rocks and toned down for commercial use.

Most Phosphosiderite stones display irregular fractures and distinct cleavage. The crystalline formation of the stone is tabular in form or sometimes is also found in reniform layer along with gristly formation. The stone beads are available in round, oval and elongated oval shapes in the market.


Although metaphysical properties of Phosphosiderite are lesser known the crystals in the stone are believed to possess certain healing properties. The shades of purple are supposed to aid in reducing anger. It also helps in calming down the heightened temperament of a person and brings about a feeling of relaxed and peacefulness. Some suggest Phosphosiderite has spiritual properties. It is believed to help heal problems related to the third eye chakra (Energy that is stored between our brows that link to spirituality). The third eye chakra is supposed to be associated with knowledge and perception.

Thus Phosphosiderite is a rare and beautiful gemstone and apart from its beauty the stone also possesses interesting properties.

Source by Fiona Hogeveen

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